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Terms of use of the website my-pcb-shop.

Access to the website and use of the content thereof are defined by the terms and conditions below. Accessing and browsing the website constitutes unreserved acceptance of the following notices by the user.

Acceptance of use of the website
My-pcb-shop provides services via the website www.my-pcb-shop.com, as well as via the mobile version of that website, subject to acceptance of the various rules defined below. The rules defined constitute these terms of use. Please read these terms of use carefully. Use of the services on the website implies unreserved acceptance of these terms of use. We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time; we advise you to check this page regularly for any changes as they will apply to your use of the my-pcb-shop website.

Other applicable General Terms and Conditions
These terms of use refer to other general terms and conditions and other policies, which also apply when you use our website. Our Data Protection Policy governs our use of any personal data that we have collected from you or that you have provided to us. Finally, when you purchase goods on our website, our General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

All these documents are available on our website at the following address:

Services of my-pcb-shop
Our online services may evolve or be modified or removed at any time. By using these services, you accept the functionality in its current state of development. My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any removal or modification of current or future functionality or for the availability or unavailability of its website. My-pcb-shop also does not warrant that its website is error-free. Use of the website and of any online services requires a computer with an internet connection. Equipment and connection costs cannot be charged to my-pcb-shop under any circumstances. You must ensure that any person accessing our website via your internet connection is aware of and complies with these terms of use.

If you wish, during the registration process, you can create an account and define a username and password. These are strictly confidential. You must not disclose them to third parties. You agree to contact my-pcb-shop if you identify any anomalies, lose your password or in case of abusive or fraudulent use by a third party, so that your password can be deleted. My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any damage due to failure to apply this paragraph. We reserve the right to delete your password or your username if we believe that you have failed to comply with these terms of use.

Website user - acceptance
As a user, you agree to only use, exploit or disseminate the information and scripts on the website with the explicit consent of my-pcb-shop, and you agree not to send, through the registration forms or the "Contact Us" section, any vulgar, racist or pornographic comments or comments that breach the privacy of a third party (legal entity or natural person). We hereby inform you that my-pcb-shop, or a third party designated by my-pcb-shop, may access information stored on our servers in the event of non-compliance with the law in force in order to protect the rights and interests of every individual. You acknowledge that my-pcb-shop is entitled to modify or delete any information that is inconsistent with proper use of the website or does not comply with these terms of use, as well as to terminate an individual’s registration.

Intellectual Property Rights
My-pcb-shop is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights to the website and of all material contained on the website. You may print or save excerpts from the pages of our website for your personal use only or for commercial use by the company for which you work and you can also show colleagues the material available on our website. However, any other reproduction is prohibited. In addition, you are not authorised to include content from our website on other websites. Furthermore, we are not liable for any downloads. Finally, you are not authorised to modify copies of our website, or to modify or decompile our website. When you are using any photo, video or illustration taken from our website, it should never be separated from any text that may also appear. You may also not use our website content for commercial purposes without first obtaining a licence. If you use our website content in breach of this clause, your right to use the website will immediately be terminated and you must, at our discretion, either destroy or return any material produced to us.

We do not warrant that our website is free from any viruses or bugs. It is your responsibility to set up your own anti-virus protection system. You are prohibited from knowingly infecting our website with any viruses, trojans or any other harmful material. Similarly, you are prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorised access to our website.

All information available on the my-pcb-shop website is provided by my-pcb-shop solely to inform you about my-pcb-shop in general and to inform you about any goods and services offered for sale by my-pcb-shop. This information is provided by my-pcb-shop in good faith and for information only and should always be used in accordance with these terms of use. Although my-pcb-shop makes every effort to keep this information up to date, my-pcb-shop does not warrant that this information is accurate or up to date or that any designs, symbols or models are accurate or up to date. My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from use of the website, and in particular from downloading information. All data published on my-pcb-shop are only consistent with original source data, provided by manufacturers.

Data Protection
Please refer to our Data Protection Policy for any information on how we process and use your personal data.

Data Protection

My-pcb-shop privacy policy
My-pcb-shop, a trademark registered by Formatronic, the registered office of which is at 9 allée des charmes, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-bois, France, undertakes to protect your privacy in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (the "GDPR") and the French Data Protection Act No 78-17 of 6 January 1978. Please read the privacy policy below to find out how your personal data is processed when you use or register with the my-pcb-shop website, when you speak to a member of our customer service or when you communicate with my-pcb-shop in some other way.

QWhat personal data is collected by my-pcb-shop?
My-pcb-shop collects personal data that you provide, directly or through your use of the website, for example: Information about you and about the company you work for, when you register to create an account. This could be your name, your contact details or the name and contact details of your company, or your position within the company.

- Information relating to transactions, billing and deliveries, if you purchase our products and/or services.
- Recording of communications if you send emails to our website or contact us by any other means.
- If you contact our sales department.
- We may also record certain information relating to your use of the website, such as the unique ID of your machine, your IP addresses and your operating system, the products you search for, the products you have purchased and the information you download. We use this information to compile statistics.

How does my-pcb-shop use my personal data?
Depending on how you use my-pcb-shop, how you communicate with us and the permissions you give us, your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

- Fulfilment of orders and/or services.
- Operation of your online account.
- Management and processing of any query or complaint sent to our sales team.
- Improvement and development of my-pcb-shop and monitoring of its use.
- For security reasons, to protect us and third parties.
- Compliance with our statutory and regulatory obligations and any order or rule of legal procedure.

In accordance with the law on personal data protection, we rely on the following legal bases to process your personal data:

- Processing is necessary to perform a contract signed with you, or to take measures before entering into such a contract (e.g. when you make a purchase from our company, we use your personal data to process payment and fulfil your order).
- It is in the legitimate interest of my-pcb-shop and your company when you place orders on behalf of your company.
- We have obtained your approval.
- It is in the legitimate interest of my-pcb-shop, as an e-commerce provider, to guarantee and promote its services.

We continually strive to improve our understanding of our customers in order to offer better products and services.

Who does my-pcb-shop share my personal data with?
My-pcb-shop needs to share information with certain third parties in order to carry out its business.

- Service providers and partners: we share information with service providers acting on our behalf (e.g. website optimisation), as well as with third parties involved in the delivery chain (e.g. freight forwarders, courier and delivery companies and sometimes our partners).
We also share personal data with our professional and legal advisors.
- If your order requires international delivery, we may need to share information with customs services in France and in the country of destination.
- We may also share data with law enforcement agencies or other public services, e.g. to report fraud or in response to a court application.
- Credit and fraud checks: we may send data to credit organisations and third parties in the fraud prevention and detection industry.
- Business or asset sale: in the event that we sell the business assets, our customers’ personal data may be disclosed to a potential buyer. In this event, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the buyer is bound by the terms of this privacy policy.
- Lenders and other investors: our customers’ personal data may be disclosed to a lender or potential investor of my-pcb-shop in order to assess the value of the business or other financial characteristics or in the event of asset-backed financing.

If it considers it necessary, my-pcb-shop may also disclose personal data to protect its rights, property or personal safety, or those of its customers, employees or other third parties, or when my-pcb-shop is legally authorised to do so.

Where does my-pcb-shop store my personal data and for how long?
Your personal data may be processed in countries outside Europe, including in countries where your rights to your data are more restricted than your rights under local laws. If we transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area, we will ensure that the country of import is regarded, at least for the sector concerned, as providing an adequate level of personal data protection by the European Commission in accordance with Article 45 of the GDPR, or that appropriate safeguards exist to protect your personal data in accordance with Article 46 of the GDPR - including standard contractual clauses (SCC) approved by the European Commission.

We store your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes set out above, and this period will therefore vary depending on your interaction with us. For example, if you make a purchase from our company, we keep track of it for as long as necessary for billing, taxation, and warranty purposes. We may also keep records of any correspondence with you (e.g. if you have filed a complaint about a product) for as long as necessary to protect us from legal action.

We have established a data storage programme that we have adapted for each country and which is intended to delete information when we no longer need it, taking into account applicable statutory limitation periods and the obligation under French law to keep certain accounting documents and certain contracts signed electronically with consumers for up to ten years.

When we no longer need to keep your information, we will delete it.

What measures does my-pcb-shop take to protect my personal data?
My-pcb-shop constantly strives to guarantee the highest level of service and security to its customers and my-pcb-shop has been specially designed with security in mind. In order to ensure the security and protection of your personal data, we use the following security methods:

- The latest technology to encode and protect your data for a safe and secure transaction.
- Where possible, the information you register will be kept in an encrypted format. This means that your information is protected and can be transmitted securely.
- Your online account information and your my-pcb-shop personal profile are password protected, such that you, and only you, have access to this personal data. You can amend your account information and your my-pcb-shop personal profile using your username and password.

How can I access, update, correct or remove my personal data?
You can view and amend your personal data at any time by clicking the "My information" section in "My account", available at any time via the link in the navigation bar.

If you have forgotten your password or have other problems accessing my-pcb-shop, please contact my-pcb-shop customer services at contact@my-pcb-shop.com

For any questions relating to your personal data that you cannot resolve via your online personal profile, please contact us using the contact details below. In accordance with the "GDPR", you have the right to access, correct and remove your personal data or restrict the processing of your data, as well as the right to object to processing and to data portability in certain circumstances. My-pcb-shop will respond to any request to exercise these rights in accordance with the provisions of the "GDPR". Please be aware, however, that these rights are subject to a number of restrictions and that in some cases, we will not be able to accommodate your request. You also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

We also hereby inform you that under French law, you can draft guidelines on the processing of your personal data after your death.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our use of your personal data, please send an email to contact@my-pcb-shop.com

Updates to the privacy policy
This privacy policy may be amended at any time to reflect changes in the law, regulatory guidelines or our data privacy practices in accordance with the law

Where appropriate and where required by law, we will send you a new or updated policy outlining any changes to the use of your personal data and, if necessary, we will obtain your consent to continued processing.

Last updated: March 2021

General terms and conditions of sale to business customers

1 - Purpose, scope and enforceability of the "www.my-pcb-shop.com” General Terms and Conditions of Sale (T&C)
1.1 - The purpose of these "www.my-pcb-shop.com" General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to define the terms and conditions under which my-pcb-shop sells the products and services on its website www.my-pcb-shop.com mainly to business customers. "www.my-pcb-shop.com" is the website reserved for customers of my-pcb-shop, a trademark registered by Formatronic, the registered office of which is at 9 allée des charmes, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-bois, France.
1.2 - The "my-pcb-shop T&C" are continuously notified to customers on all pages of the website via the "General Terms and Conditions of Sale" link at the bottom of each page of the website. My-pcb-shop.com will also send them to anyone requesting them. As such, they are enforceable on any customer. Consequently, any order placed on "www.my-pcb-shop.com" implies the unreserved acceptance of the "my-pcb-shop T&C" by the customer.
1.3 - My-pcb-shop reserves the right to amend the "my-pcb-shop T&C". As such, my-pcb-shop asks its customers to read the T&C before placing any new order. The version applicable to any given order is the version in force on the day on which the order is placed or on the day on which the quotation is accepted by the customer.
1.4 - Unless expressly stated otherwise, they supersede all discussions between the parties prior to the order.
1.5 - Any derogation from these T&C can only be enforced against my-pcb-shop if it has been duly accepted and formalised in writing and signed by my-pcb-shop.
1.6 - Failure by my-pcb-shop.com to penalise the breach of any provision of the sales agreement does not constitute a waiver to penalise the breach of any other provision or any subsequent breach of that same provision.

2 - Ordering methods on "www.my-pcb-shop.com"
2.1 - Opening a customer account
To open an account, the customer must at least complete the mandatory fields of the account creation form.
2.2 - Price simulator
The customer can simulate the price of their printed circuit board online, depending on manufacturing options, quantity and delivery time. The price is adjusted by the website whenever an option is modified. Important: the price is given for information purposes only and cannot commit my-pcb-shop due to the technical complexity of bespoke printed circuit boards. Only the approval of the technical file by my-pcb-shop, further to our technicians checking that file, commits my-pcb-shop in relation to feasibility and price.
2.3 - Quotations
After simulating the price, customers can print and save quotations. Important: the price is given for information purposes only and cannot commit my-pcb-shop due to the technical complexity of bespoke printed circuit boards. Only the approval of the technical file by my-pcb-shop, further to our technicians checking that file, commits my-pcb-shop in relation to feasibility and price.
2.4 - Ordering
Order registration and confirmation process on www.my-pcb-shop.com
2.4.1 - After entering and registering an order on the website www.my-pcb-shop.com, the customer shall receive a summary of their order by email. At this stage, the price is given for information purposes only and cannot commit my-pcb-shop due to the technical complexity of bespoke printed circuit boards.
2.4.2 - The technical file and the options selected by the customer are checked by my-pcb-shop technical teams. My-pcb-shop sends the customer an email, which may contain added or removed options in the order summary. The price may be affected by these changes.
2.4.3 - Final confirmation is by the technical office of my-pcb-shop which will send an order confirmation email to the customer. Every registered order is delivered free of charge, packaging included, to the address indicated by the customer.
2.4.4 - The customer receives email confirmation of the order.
2.5 - Scheduled orders
Customers may receive scheduled orders over a maximum period of one year and limited to 12 deliveries per order. A scheduled order cannot be cancelled within 30 calendar days of the requested delivery date. My-pcb-shop fulfils orders according to customer need. If the customer makes a mistake in the order, for example a mistake in the name of the product ordered, or the number of products ordered, the provisions of clause 4.5 apply.

3 - Prices
The prices in force are those on our website www.my-pcb-shop.com and they are stated in the customer's local currency. In France, prices are displayed in Euros (€). My-pcb-shop works mainly with business customers. Prices are therefore displayed excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated (VAT included or inclusive of VAT). Prices are liable to change at any time. The price applicable to the customer is the one displayed when the order is placed (except in special cases - see 2.4). The customer can benefit from special commercial conditions related to their business or order quantity. The price of their quotation and/or their order may therefore be different to the price list displayed on the website outside their customer space. The price displayed is net and includes transport costs.

4 - Products and warranty
4.1 - Products are manufactured on demand in accordance with customer specifications.
4.2 - My-pcb-shop does not warrant that products are suited to the customer’s specific needs or to the needs of their own customers or to the objectives or use assigned to them by the customer or their own customers. Liability is solely limited to goods supplied by my-pcb-shop and does not apply to damage, personal injury or loss of income due to a defective product.
4.3 - My-pcb-shop excludes any statutory warranty in relation to products sold by it and relating to the usual business of its customers. Consequently, those customers, and their own customers, are not able to take any action against my-pcb-shop. Those customers therefore undertake to hold my-pcb-shop harmless from any action brought by their own customers and from any conviction.
4.4 - Products purchased via the website "www.my-pcb-shop.com" with a latent defect will be repaired where possible or replaced. First, the customer must return the product. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of products. My-pcb-shop will not, under any circumstances, be required to compensate any damage caused by the defect, including, in particular, the unavailability of equipment during the time of repair or replacement. All complaints must include details regarding use of the item, the order number and the date of purchase. My-pcb-shop reserves the right to refuse the return of the product and to return the product to the customer at its expense, if this information has not been provided. In addition, the product must be returned in its original packaging.
4.5 - My-pcb-shop reserves the right to charge costs associated with processing the return of any product (including transport, receipt, analysis of the product), for which a defect has not been proven or is attributable to the customer. My-pcb-shop warrants that the services provided will be carried out with the necessary diligence and care and in accordance with industry standards and good practice, using trained, experienced and competent employees.
4.6 - Any gerber manufacturing files that may be provided to the customer on the website www.my-pcb-shop.com remain the property of my-pcb-shop. The sole purpose of these files is to allow the customer to check the technical validity of the files prior to manufacturing by my-pcb-shop. These manufacturing files take into account the specific aspects of the production tool and manufacturing line processes.
Consequently, the use of these manufacturing files by the customer to manufacture printed circuit boards at the customer's premises or at the premises of a supplier other than my-pcb-shop will be the sole responsibility of the customer. My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any fault, error or latent defect in these files if they have been used by the customer. My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any fault, error or latent defect in these files if they have been used by the customer or sent to a third party to manufacture the printed circuit boards, or to study or design similar printed circuit boards.

5 - Billing and Payment Terms
5.1 - Billing It is the customer's responsibility to notify any special status that may affect billing terms. In the absence of notification, the invoice issued shall include VAT at the rate in France. Invoices will be sent by email to the email address provided when the account was opened.
5.2 - Payment terms All orders are payable in cash at the time of the order. If a customer requests a payment period other than cash at the time of the order, their file will be studied according to their financial analysis and order quantity. The payment period may be extended to 30 days from the invoice date, within the limit of an agreed outstanding amount, which may be viewed on "www.my-pcb-shop.com". In this specific case, in case of late payment, in accordance with Law No 2008-776 of 04 August 2008 and Article L441-6-I of the French Commercial Code, the customer shall incur penalties, without any payment reminder being necessary, the day after the payment date appearing on the invoice. Unless otherwise provided, which cannot, however, specify a rate less than three times the statutory interest rate, the interest rate for any late payment penalties is equal to the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation, plus 10 percentage points. The customer shall forfeit the benefit of any payment term and my-pcb-shop may demand immediate payment of the outstanding balance of the price. The customer shall pay any costs incurred by my-pcb-shop to recover the sums owed and my-pcb-shop can also claim compensation from the customer, as a penalty clause, corresponding to 10% of the balance. Pursuant to Article D. 441-5 of the French Commercial Code, fixed compensation for recovery costs is automatically payable as from the first day of late payment, irrespective of the period applicable to the transaction (additional period stipulated in Article L. 441-6 I(8), agreed period stipulated in Article L. 441-6 I(9), regulated period stipulated in Article L. 441-6 I(11), periods stipulated in Article L. 443-1(1) to (4)). Other than the authorised outstanding amount, all orders must be paid for in cash at the time of the order before they can be dispatched, unless agreed otherwise by the my-pcb-shop sales department.
In all cases, my-pcb-shop reserves the right to remove authorisation for an outstanding amount and to make the acceptance of an order conditional on cash payment, in particular in the following cases:

- First orders placed by the customer in question
- History of unpaid debts of the customer in question or other litigation
- Adverse financial analysis of the customer in question

Payment of an invoice is considered to be effective and in full once my-pcb-shop has received the total principal amount invoiced to the customer and any ancillary costs. Early payment does not grant entitlement to any discount or any other kind of benefit. Payments are made by bank transfer. Non-payment of an instalment by the due date shall result in the cancellation of any discounts and other benefits that may have been granted to the customer. In addition to any damages which it may claim, my-pcb-shop also reserves the right to suspend any delivery until any sums due have been paid in full, and to take back possession of any equipment delivered but not paid for.
5.3 – Outstandings My-pcb-shop may limit the outstanding amount granted to the customer, in particular with regard to their creditworthiness or history of unpaid debts. Other than the authorised outstanding amount, any order will be payable in cash by bank transfer.
5.4 - Retention of title Pursuant to Article 2367 et seq. of the French Civil Code, ownership of any products ordered shall be transferred after payment of the price in full by the customer. (Proprietary clauses). In the event of litigation or dispute by the customer, no set-off, of any kind, can call into question the clause on retention of title. This provision does not preclude the transfer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the goods sold to the customer upon delivery (loading at our premises), or transfer of the risk of any damage they could cause.

6 - Delivery terms
6.1 - The delivery times on the my-pcb-shop website are given for information only and any failure to comply with those times cannot, under any circumstances, result in the cancellation of the sale or the payment of damages. The price is indexed to the manufacturing and delivery time. My-pcb-shop shall do its utmost to deliver the products ordered within the times indicated. Delivery delays cannot be attributed to my-pcb-shop in the following cases:

- The customer made a mistake when registering their address.
- The recipient's premises were closed.
- Refusal to accept the package.
- Transit problem due to the carrier.

6.2 - Delivery of the products to the customer transfers the risk to the customer's site. This clause applies to all delivered products, including those subject to retention of title for the benefit of my-pcb-shop.
6.3 - It is the customer's responsibility to check the products delivered upon receipt. Excluding the case of defective products referred to in clause 4 above, the products are deemed to be accepted by the customer and compliant with the order, unless the customer issues any reservations in writing to the carrier, in its presence, on the delivery slip. In particular, the customer shall ensure that packages do not show any signs of damage, breakage or tampering, that the number of packages corresponds to the number stated on the transport documents, and also that the products correspond to what has been ordered. The customer must mention any reservations on the transport documents, or failing that, notify them to the carrier, in accordance with Article L. 133-3 of the French Commercial Code, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum of three days of delivery, with a copy sent to my-pcb-shop. Failing this, no complaint can be accepted by my-pcb-shop and the order will be deemed to have been received by the customer, in accordance with the order originally placed and free from any apparent defect. Returns must be sent carriage paid, within a maximum of 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods at the customer's premises.
In the case where an order is not delivered, or in case of an error resulting in the delivery of products that are not in line with the order, or in case of the delivery of damaged products, my-pcb-shop reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to redeliver the products or to refund them. Any damage sustained by the customer for non-delivery, for the delivery of products that do not comply with the order, or for the delivery of products with apparent defects will, in all cases, be limited, either to an order refund, or to redelivery, and my-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any other damage, and more particularly, for any indirect damage such as loss of profit or loss of income. Returned products are subject to quality control.

7 – Confidentiality
My-pcb-shop and the customer are expressly prohibited from disclosing any information concerning the other party, their agreements and, in particular, the terms negotiated by them. In the event that one of the parties is obliged to disclose information further to a request by the competent administrative or judicial authorities, it must inform the other party. All information relating to customers’ technical files and stored on the website "my-pcb-shop.com" in the customer’s space is regarded as confidential.
Information stored on the server is as follows:

- data relating to registration of the customer’s account.
- data relating to quotations, orders, delivery notes, invoices and payments.
- data relating to technical files, gerber files and other files needed to produce the technical file.
- This information may not be disclosed to third parties without the customer’s permission in writing.
- This information may be destroyed and removed from the server on request from the customer in writing.

8 - Force Majeure
My-pcb-shop cannot be held liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations in the event of force majeure, in particular in the event of natural disaster, bad weather, fire, explosion, flood, national strike, accident, riot or civil disturbance, shortage of products or materials, or even in the event of abnormal delay due to transport. The obligations will be suspended for as long as the impossibility in question persists. In the event that all orders are completely suspended for a period of more than one (1) month due to a force majeure event, my-pcb-shop and its customer may automatically terminate/cancel the suspended orders, without owing any compensation in this respect to the other party, provided that the other party notifies its intention to cancel the orders by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

9 - Liability
My-pcb-shop shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any indirect damage (such as, in particular, loss of income, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage to reputation, etc.) which may result, or which in some way can be linked to the contract between my-pcb-shop and the customer, or resulting from a defective product, an infringement of an intellectual property right or the performance of these general terms and conditions of sale. If, despite the provisions of these general terms and conditions of sale (and in particular despite the restrictions stipulated in the Products and warranty clauses), my-pcb-shop is held liable as a result of damage linked to an order placed pursuant to a contract signed between the customer and my-pcb-shop, or linked to the performance of the contract or of these general terms and conditions of sale, or resulting from a defective product or an infringement of intellectual property rights, in all cases, my-pcb-shop’s liability shall be capped at the amount received by my-pcb-shop for that customer order. When the liability of my-pcb-shop does not relate to one or more identified orders, the financial liability of my-pcb-shop cannot be more than the amount received by my-pcb-shop over the last 12 months of the sales contract.

10 - Jurisdiction
These general terms and conditions of sale, as well as any contract which becomes effective between my-pcb-shop and the customer on the basis of these general terms and conditions of sale, are subject to French law and any disputes arising from sales operations subject to these general terms and conditions of sale fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Versailles.

11 - Dispute Resolution
11.1 - Dispute resolution with customers who do not have retailer status:
Common law rules apply to customers who do not have retailer status.

11.2 - Dispute resolution with customers who have retailer status:
Except for the provisions on delivery, and by express derogation from the provisions of Article L.110-4 of the French Commercial Code, any dispute by a customer with retailer status may only be raised within one year of the disputed event.

In the event of non-performance of their obligations by either party, this contract is automatically terminated in favour of the other party, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed from the defaulting party. Termination shall become effective 10 days after formal notice has been sent and has remained unheeded.